World of Warcrack

November 20, 2009

Just about everyone in the world either plays or knows someone who plays World of Warcraft.

But what does this game have that no other MMORPG can seem to pull of quite right in order to dethrone Blizzard from top spot. Is it the vast amount of lore the game is built upon? The customer service keeping players playing, through out bugs and account hacks?

I have been playing World of Warcraft myself since the 23rd of July 2005, a long while if you ask me. In this time I’ve hit all 3 level caps, across 3 different characters (not including dozens of low level alts). I’ve entered every instance at least once, and completed a fair percentage of the quests available. You’d think after all of this time, it’d get boring, wouldn’t you?

Sure there have been the breaks from the game, the brief escapes back into reality, lasting between a couple of weeks and several months. But it seems that in the end it draws me back. For me, it seems to be the feeling of knowing everything that I need to know; being ahead of the proverbial¬† learning curve, that keeps me interested, that and the fact that along the way I have met and kept contact with some really good friends. After all, it is a social game isn’t it?


In the beginning…

November 20, 2009

So I’ve decided to join the ‘blogosphere’ finally. Lets give this a shot.

I’m Calum, an 18 year old University student from Australia. My main time sink is World of Warcraft, which I’ve played since vanilla (will update with the day I actually started). In the many years since I started playing I’ve gone through just about every play style, from a inexperienced noob who didn’t know what a GCD was, to hardcore raider spending 6+ hours a night attempting progression. Now however I am barely casual on my 80 Death Knight, but its still fun.

I plan *fingers crossed* to update this a lot, and bring some good information out, along with some personal speculation.

Stay tuned.